Welcome to the Refill & Reuse Revolution

Welcome to the Refill & Reuse Revolution

Packaging waste is not the consumer's responsibility, it's the manufacturer's.


The U.S. recycled 5-6% of its plastic waste in 2021, which is remarkably down from 8.7% in 2018 when we were exporting trash to China and South East Asia[1]. The harsh reality: recycled plastic cannot compete on a cost-basis with virgin plastic, especially when the environmental costs are completely neglected.
So what are consumers to do when our grocer's shelves are full of single-use, rigid plastic packaging?


Join the refill and reuse movement.


Those single-use, rigid plastic laundry jugs aren't really single use. You are simply forced to replace the packaging every time because the big box brands don't offer refill and reuse options. Be Better Goods will.


Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we are building a solution for you:


Just starting out and looking for a like-for-like experience with the big box brands?

Our bottles reduce plastic use by 70% without you making any change! The key? Our bottles use 100% post-consumer recycled fiber shells for rigidity so we can minimize the inner plastic liner. Once you love our formulations, let's keep the momentum going by refilling the bottles!


Looking to minimize waste & maximize savings by buying in bulk?

We will be launching 48oz refill pouches (equivalent to 3 spray bottles or 1 laundry bottle) made from 100% consumer recycled plastic. We strongly encourage customers to send the empty pouches back to us using the included pre-paid envelopes! We will sanitize and test each pouch before reusing or ensuring they get recycled by a local recycling partner. #CircularEconomy


At this point, you're probably ready for a commitment

We are designing fully reusable glass bottles with silicone wraps for safety. And of course, bring the trigger sprayer from the other bottle!

Take advantage of even greater savings with our subscribe and save service (launching with the pouches).

Check out refill shops near you! We are actively building our network with refill shops partners and will share their details soon. These shops are a great way to support small businesses in your community.


Connect with us on Instagram (@BeBetterGoods) where we would love to hear how you be better! 

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