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Multi-Surface Spray

Multi-Surface Spray

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Welcome to an innovative cleaning experience, where effectiveness meets eco-consciousness. Our Multi-Surface spray is a powerhouse fueled by corn, coconuts, and clean chemistry. Effectively tackling grease and grime, it embraces sustainability with 100% biodegradable brilliance. Free from harmful chemicals, it ensures a safe and refreshing clean with unique scents derived from 100% essential oils. Prioritizing indoor air quality, it leaves your space fresh without VOCs. Our commitment extends to reducing pollution – our reusable bottle boasts 100% reclaimed paper outer shells reducing plastic waste by 70%. Join us in a cleaner, greener tomorrow!


     Ingredient Purpose Source CAS #
    Distilled Water Carrier Lake Erie  7732-18-5
    Alcohol Solvent Corn 64-17-5
    Capryly/Capryl Glucoside Surfactant Corn
    Sodium Carbonate Degreaser Natural Mineral
    Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil Preservative Tea Trees

    We are proud to only use the highest quality essential oils to leave your home smelling great without Phtalates or other toxic chemicals. Check out the essential oils we use in our blends below.

     Scent  Essential Oils  CAS #
    Sweet Citrus
    Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon

    8028-48-6, 8016-20-4, 84929-31-7

    Arbor Mist

    Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Lemon

    68647-73-4, 8000-48-4, 84929-31-7

    Flower Patch
    Lavender, Geranium, and Patchouli

    8000-28-0, 8000-46-2, 8014-09-3

     How To Use:

    Ensure that the surface is cool to the touch and remove any loose dirt or debris. Next, apply our Multi-Purpose Cleaner by spraying it directly onto the surface or onto a clean, damp cloth. Wipe the surface using a circular motion or, for tougher stains, use a scrub brush. Finally, allow the cleaned surface to air-dry or wipe it with a dry cloth.

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