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Bathroom Spray

Bathroom Spray

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Introducing our Bathroom Spray – a potent, 100% biodegradable solution that not only transforms your cleaning routine but prioritizes your well-being. Powered by corn, coconuts, and citric acid, this formula is engineered to effectively combat the everyday messes in your bathroom. Unlike traditional cleaners laden with harmful chemicals, our non-toxic formula protects you from exposure to potentially hazardous substances. Bid farewell to stubborn stains, soap scum, and grime as our cleaner restores your bathroom's pristine condition without compromising your health.


 Ingredient Purpose Source CAS #
Distilled Water Carrier Lake Erie  7732-18-5
Alcohol Solvent Corn 64-17-5
Capryly/Capryl Glucoside Surfactant Corn
Citric Acid
Bio Fermentation 77-92-9
Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil Preservative Tea Trees
Lavender Essential Oil Natural Scent Lavender Distillation

We are proud to only use the highest quality essential oils to leave your home smelling great without Phtalates or other toxic chemicals. Check out the essential oils we use in our blends below.

 Scent  Essential Oils  CAS #
Sweet Citrus
Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon

8028-48-6, 8016-20-4, 84929-31-7

Arbor Mist

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Lemon

68647-73-4, 8000-48-4, 84929-31-7

Flower Patch
Lavender, Geranium, and Patchouli

8000-28-0, 8000-46-2, 8014-09-3

 How To Use:

Spray your surfaces evenly and allow for your cleaner to do its magic. Let it sit briefly, then wipe or scrub with your cloth or brush. 

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